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Get-What-You-Get Tattoo from Vox

by Vox Dombek


Buy a spin on Vox's get-what-you-get tattoo machine at True Love!

This gumball machine is filled with tattoo designs folded up into little toy capsules. The tattoo you get will be decided by what random design is folded up inside the capsule dispensed to you by the machine!

Price includes one NON-REFUNDABLE spin of the gumball machine, plus sales tax. The design can be re-rolled for an additional $20 paid in-store. Designs are roughly palm-sized and intended as full color pieces, but can be done in black & grey whip shading.

[One spin only] includes one spin of the machine. Your machine token will be handed to you at the start of your appointment.

[Physical gift card, in-shop pick-up] includes the machine token packaged in a gift card envelope, reserved at the shop for local pick-up during regular business hours. Please call the shop to confirm hours before heading over!

[Physical gift card, shipped] includes the machine token packaged in a gift card envelope, shipped without tracking via USPS within the US. Gift cards are generally shipped within 1-2 business days and arrive in 5-7 business days. Please include in order notes: 1. Name and address to mail the gift card to; 2. "To:" and "From:" names to write in (optional)

Please email Vox at [email protected] to schedule your GWYG tattoo. For additional info about the GWYG machine, go to Vox's personal website at www.agenderblob.com.

Payments for tattoo work require that you accept the Terms & Conditions for Tattoo Deposits. It is critical that you review that page prior to paying for your deposit as it details your responsibility regarding cancellation.